The Benefits of Sports Massage for Soccer Players

Sports teams have employed SportVU, a specialized motion tracking system that enables teams to get far more detailed stats about their players through the use of multiple cameras, computations, and data. One stat it measured was the average mileage soccer players (not including the goalkeeper) logged during a typical 90-mintue game, which was seven miles, with many miles come via sprints, according to

Therefore, you can imagine the toll all that running takes on the lower body. Nevertheless, one way to provide a measure of relief to the tired, achy muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the legs, hips, and buttocks is to receive a sports massage from a trained, license sports massage therapist.

Not only will the post-sports massage help your lower body feel better, it will help reduce the possibility of injuries associated with the rigors of the world’s most popular sport. Thus, allowing faster recovery rates.

But, when you receive a pre-event massage, it helps the body warmup, and prepares soccer players for the grueling nature of the game—both physically and psychologically as well.

A sports massage does this by boosting muscle tissue permeability and accelerating micro-circulation, permitting lactic acid and other metabolic wastes to drain away from your body (both pre and post massages), which facilitates enhanced muscle contractions for better workouts and improved in-game play.

Another issue associated with constant running by soccer players is the formation of myofascial trigger points (also known as trigger points), hyperirritable spots in the fascia surrounding skeletal muscle, causing pain and limited movement in the affected areas.

A sports massage therapist will manually manipulate the problematic region to help the muscles release and contract better, thus improving movement and range of motion, along with overall circulation.

Many health and fitness experts believe that soccer players and other athletes can benefit from a regular program of sports massage therapy—at least once a week, and before competition—as an effective means to help deal with, and prevent, the negative consequences of heavily worked muscles.

A sports massage also can help with general relaxation and sleep, which is a marvelous benefit to any type of athlete who is looking for a way to improve their overall performance, not to mention their health and quality of life.

Your body will thank you for rewarding it with regular sports massage, so you’re able to hit the pitch with a vengeance time and time again.



Written by Jerry Del Priore for Bodono.

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