Survival of the Fitness 1

Our world as we know it has completely changed since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. This pandemic has become a new version of the survival of the fittest and the importance of a healthy body has become more important than ever. The time has come to boost our immune system, build up stamina and nourish ourselves to get us through this chapter not only alive but thriving. 

The modern form of humans have survived for 200,000 years before there was such a thing as the pharma industry and there is certainly a lot we can learn from our ancestors to help us through this pandemic. That’s why we created this series called “survival of the fittest” with lots of evidence-based information and advice based on Herbology, Eastern Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Nutritional Science and more. 

With this series, we hope to inspire you and help you become the fittest version of yourself!

Darwin’s Theory

The phrase “Survival of the fittest” originated from Darwinian evolutionary theory and describes the mechanism of natural selection.

Definition of survival of the fittest: “The natural process by which organisms best adjusted to their environment are most successful in surviving and reproducing” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The Keys to fitness and health

We all know that we should be eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. And while eating, moving and resting are the three cornerstones of health, there are many more pillars that support a healthy being. 

From vitamin-rich nutrition to superfoods, using herbs and supplements, staying hydrated, reducing stress, incorporating mindfulness, relaxing our minds and bodies, working out and increasing our endurance to using alternative remedies and incorporating outdoor activities into our lifestyle, our series will help to inspire you to find your own best fitness.

Wishing you health and wellness!


Written by Eliane Baggenstos, owner of bodono, Registered Nurse, and Certified Health Coach with certification in Plant-Based Nutrition by the Cornell University and Evidence-based Health Coaching for Healthcare Providers by the National Society of Health Coaches, Licensed Massage Therapist with certifications in Advanced Sports Massage and Medical Massage, and Personal Trainer NASM CPT.