Sports Massage


Our Sports Massage Therapy Is Unique

Our sports massage treatments incorporate more than just a massage. Unlike a so-called sports massage offered at gyms and spas, at bodono we incorporate a thorough assessment, an anatomical analysis of the client’s movements and kinetic dysfunction—so that the massage can be tailored to each athlete’s specific needs. Treatments are adapted to our client’s training cycle throughout the season to achieve best results during pre-season/pre-event, competition, post-season/post-event, and off-season.

The athlete’s body performs strenuous repetitive movements, which can lead to imbalance, overuse, and injury over time. Sports massage helps reduce recovery time, improves endurance and flexibility, and helps prevent future injuries.

At bodono a sports massage is more than just deep work. We apply a variety of specific massage techniques as appropriate. These include but are not limited to: myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, stripping, friction, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and stretching.


Our Clientele At bodono Sports Massage

We provide advanced sports massage therapy for athletes of all levels, ranging from weekend warriors to competitors.  
We practice sports massage at multiple locations in the US and travel to events with our clients upon request.

Currently we focus on clients practicing weight lifting, crossfit, running, bicycling, calisthenics, swimming, soccer, tennis, pickleball, golf, martial arts, gymnastics and dance.