At Bodono your Body is Number One!

Our mission is to promote health and wellbeing with advanced massage therapy, plant-based nutrition, education, motivation, and inspiration, tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Through motivational interviewing, we assist you in becoming an active participant in your health to prevent and/or manage lifestyle-related diseases and help you recover from illness or surgery. 

Whether you want to feel better, increase your strength and endurance, reduce pain and stress, or eat healthier – we got the tools for you!

We have worked with clients ranging from New York City celebrities and VIP clients to professional athletes, corporate management, and seniors.

Our Services

In-Home Services for Palm Beach Residents

In-Studio Services South Dixie Hwy in West Palm Beach

Video Call and OnlineServices Nationwide

On-Site Corporate Wellness in Palm Beach County

Our Services

bodono massage therapy specialties

Massage Therapy

Our specialties include:

  • advanced sports massage
  • therapeutic massage
  • relaxation massage
  • myofascial release
  • deep tissue

    All massage therapy sessions are tailored to your specific needs with various techniques to relieve pain, improve range of motion, increase functionality and performance, and assist in recovery, stress reduction, and blissful soothing relaxation.

  • bodono PNF stretching

    Assisted Stretch Therapy

    Stretching plays an important role in keeping the body in balance, improving range of motion, and preventing muscle shortness and injury. Our stretching sessions are tailored to your personal needs, where we target specific muscle groups that are affected by your daily activities. Our personal trainer specializes in the following stretching techniques:

  • active isolated stretching
  • dynamic stretching
  • passive stretching
  • PNF stretching
  • bodono_onsite_corporate_massage_NYC

    Corporate Wellness

    Our corporate and executive wellness program is designed to enhance the wellbeing of your staff and management. With chair massages, stretching sessions, and education on healthy nutrition and disease prevention, we will help your business to enhance the health, productivity and longevity of your staff.

    Corporate wellness programs have shown to improve employee productivity, and workforce satisfaction, increased retention rate, less absenteeism, reduced stress levels, and less work-related fatigue.

    From one-time events to weekly sessions, we have the solution that fits your business model.

    bodono plant-based nutrition coaching west palm beach

    Plant-Based Diet Coaching

    Educational topics include:

  • Whole-Food Plant-Based basics
  • Vegan and vegetarian basics
  • Refined sugar free baking
  • oil-free cooking
  • Meal planning

    Maybe your doctor told you to eat healthy or to lose weight but you are not sure where to start? We will make your transition to a nutritious diet simple and easy with personalized coaching and a step-by-step meal plan. We will make sure your nutritional needs are being met and will provide you with evidence-based information and delicious recipes to make healthy eating simple and fun.