How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease

How Not to Die is the book of Dr. Michael Greger, physician, internationally-renowned nutrition expert and founder of The book reviews the fifteen top causes of premature death in America including heart disease, diabetes and cancer and explains how nutrition and lifestyle changes to prevent and reverse these diseases. The book includes Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen, a checklist of the twelve foods we should consume every day to be healthy.

The Blue Zones, Second Edition: 9 Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest

The bestselling book The Blue Zones, written by longevity expert and National Geographic Explorer Dan Buettner is based on his research and interviews with people from extraordinarily long-lived communities around the globe, so called Blue Zones. This book reveals the secrets of longevity, the lifestyle, diet, outlook, and stress-coping practices that add happiness and health to these long-living people in the Blue Zones. 

Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

Dr. Kelly A. Turner, founder of the Radical Remission Project, researcher, and counselor in integrative oncology studied over 1500 cases of patients who had a spontaneous cancer remission even after their conventional therapy and medical treatment had failed. She traveled for ten month around the globe and and interviewed over 50 holistic healers and 150 radical remission cancer survivors about their healing practices and techniques. 

Her book includes fascinating healing stories, the latest scientific research and the nine common themes that she discovered in her research that may be the reason for a radical remission from cancer.

The China Study: Revised and Expanded Edition: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-Term Health

The China Study is the most comprehensive nutrition study to date that focuses on the relationship between diet and the risk of developing disease.
Researcher Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his teams  discovered the effects and dangers of a diet high in animal protein. This book includes the latest evidence of health benefits in relation to a plant-based diet.

Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health

This book combines the knowledge of two physicians and researchers,  Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn who wrote the book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and Dr. Colin Campbell who wrote the book The China Study. The authors joined their forces to explain the benefits of a plant-based diet and provide the information you need to adopt and maintain a plant-based diet. The book includes insights from other physicians and nutrition experts of the plant-based-movement, success stories of patients who were able to reverse diabetes, heart disease and other lifestyle-diseases due to converting to a whole food plant based diet, and it includes tips on essential kitchen tools as well as 125 delicious recipes to help transition into a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals

The Omnivore’s Dilemma is an eye-opening exploration of our food choices and their effect on our health and survival as a species. Author Michael Pollan’s famous quote is: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” In this book, he explains the relationship of food and agriculture in America and how our everyday food choices and behaviors effect both ourselves and the environment.

Alchemy of Herbs: Transform Everyday Ingredients into Foods and Remedies That Heal

This book is a great guide on how to use everyday ingredients, herbs and spices and turn them into remedies that are healing to create a personal kitchen apothecary. Herbalist Rosalee de la Forêt shows how to match the properties of each plant to your own unique needs and symptoms. The book includes over a dozen recipes and lists the use of 29 popular herbs, their healing properties based on scientific studies and research.

Healing With Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition (3rd Edition)

This is a comprehensive guide to the theory and healing power of Chinese medicine and nutrition. The book includes a wealth of information about the relationship of health imbalances and nutrition. It also includes a whole-foods program and the “regeneration diet” used by cancer patients and arthritics, along with a cookbook with more than 300 mostly vegetarian, nutrient-packed recipes that contain no alcohol, caffeine, white flour, fried foods, or sugar, and a minimum of eggs and dairy. The book explains the effects of these foods, i.E. the adrenal damage evoked by coffee, immune dysfunction brought on by excess refined sugar etc. and shows how each dietary choice is influencing our health. The book also includes dietary tips that protect us from the dangers of modern life, including neutralizing damage from water fluoridation etc.

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure

Based on the groundbreaking results of his twenty-year nutritional study, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn proves that a plant-based, oil-free diet not only prevents the progression of heart disease but can also reverse it.  Dr. Esselstyn is a surgeon and researcher who worked at the Cleveland Clinic and has helped thousands of patients improve and reverse heart disease by adopting a Whole Food Plant Based diet. The book includes science-based information and more than 150 delicious recipes.

Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease: The Only System Scientifically Proven to Reverse Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery

Author and physician Dr. Dean Ornish presents this book with evidence-based information on his Opening Your Heart program that halts and even reverses heart disease by simply changing diet and lifestyle of patients. The Opening Your Heart program has yielded amazing results with participants being able to reduce or discontinue their medications and improve symptoms, energy and wellbeing. This book guides through this step-by-step program and includes the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects that are vital to healing.

Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes Without Drugs

Author and physician Dr. Barnard shows that it is possible to improve insulin sensitivity and treat type 2 diabetes by following his step-by-step plan, which includes a healthy plant-based diet and simple lifestyle changes. The book includes recipes, an exercise guide and advice on supplements, how to troubleshoot and track progress. Filled with information based on recent research studies and success stories of people who have reversed their diabetes by following this life-changing plan, this book can help reverse diabetes with nutrition and exercise and get patients off Insulin and medications to manage blood sugar.

Clean – Expanded Edition: The Revolutionary Program To Restore The Body’s Natural Ability To Heal Itself

This book written by physician Dr. Alejandro Junger explains how the Clean Program, a 21 day detox diet can support and rejuvenate our bodies and improve sleep, digestion, energy, healthy weight loss, mental clarity, skin appearance and reduce bloating, constipation, headaches, and joint pain. The diet includes a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, healthy grains and clean proteins and excludes foods that contain gluten, soy, dairy, processed foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, soda and ingredients that can cause inflammation and sensitivities. The book also contains guidance on how to continue long-lasting, clean eating habits after the detox program is completed.

No Meat Athlete, Revised and Expanded: A Plant-Based Nutrition and Training Guide for Every Fitness Level-Beginner to Beyond [Includes More Than 60 Recipes!]

The No Meat Athlete is a guide that combines training plans, plant-based recipes and motivational stories for all athletes, from beginner to elite that want to enjoy the health benefits of a meatless lifestyle. Author and ultramarathoner Matt Frazier provides information to the benefits of a plant-based athletic lifestyle that includes weight loss, increased speed, easier digestion and faster recovery and improved energy levels to increase athletic performance and daily life. The book includes practical advice for transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, recipes, advice, and an all-new 12-week strength training plan designed to improve overall fitness. A section with training manuals for runners of all ability levels and ambitions, including tips for creating healthy habits, improving performance, and avoiding injuries is also included.

The Engine 2 Diet: The Texas Firefighter’s 28-Day Save-Your-Life Plan that Lowers Cholesterol and Burns Away the Pounds

Author and professional athlete-turned-firefighter Rip Esselstyn wrote this book based on his diet that he implemented when he learned that some of his fellow firefighters were in poor physical condition. By following Rip’s program, everyone on the team lost weight, lowered their cholesterol and improved their overall health. His plant-based diet plan consists of whole foods including whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. The guide includes easy yet delicious recipes from pancakes to pizza, Tex-Mex favorites and chocolate desserts, pantry-stocking tips and guidelines on menu choices that help when eating out. Rip also included a firefighter-inspired exercise program that will boost your metabolism and melt fat away.

The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World

Author Marco Borges wrote this practical plant-based lifestyle book that includes 22 effective guidelines and three simple step-by-step plans to help shift the mindset, improve overall health, lose weight, and impact the planet for the better. After more than two decades of experience working with clients, including some big celebrities, Borges developed the “22 Laws of Plants,” which are the most important plant-based diet, exercise, and lifestyle secrets for losing weight, increasing energy, boosting metabolism, and reducing inflammation all while helping to minimize our carbon imprint to help the planet. The book contains meal plans, more than 60 delicious recipes, countless tips and inspirational stories.

The Healing Power of Essential Oils: Soothe Inflammation, Boost Mood, Prevent Autoimmunity, and Feel Great in Every Way

Author Eric Zielinski, D.C. provides a guide on how to use the life-changing benefits of essential oils to improve our health. This book includes techniques and tools and the different oils to use. Backed by research, the guide includes essential oil blends that promote hormone balance, reduced inflammation, improved digestion, increased immunity, over 150 recipes for every health need, and a special section on women’s health includes dozens of formulations for PMS, fertility, pregnancy, candida, and menopause.

Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide: 33 Healing Herbs to Know, Grow, and Use

Author Rosemary Gladstar created this beginner’s guide to Medicinal Herbs and teaches how to make your own herbal remedies for life’s common ailments. She describes 33 common healing plants and includes information and tips on growing, harvesting, preparing, and using herbs in healing tinctures, oils, and creams to promote wellbeing through homegrown medicine.

Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future

This book by David Wolfe dives into the world of Superfoods, vibrant, nutritionally dense foods that offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. Each superfood is described in detail, accompanied by easy and delicious recipes. This guide provides information based on science to promote nutrition, health and well-being and sustainable agriculture.

Healing Mushrooms: A Practical and Culinary Guide to Using Mushrooms for Whole Body Health

Adaptogenic mushrooms are superfoods, known for their healing abilities. The book was written by Tero Isokauppila, founder of Four Sigmatic, a Finnish-American company specializing in functional mushrooms, superfoods, and adaptogens. This book covers the ten most powerful mushrooms you can add to your daily diet to improve health and includes 50 mushroom recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

Author and renowned trauma expert Dr. van der Kolk explains how trauma leaves traces on mind, emotion, and biology and how traumatic stress literally rearranges the brain’s wiring – specifically areas dedicated to pleasure, engagement, control, and trust. He explains how these areas can be reactivated through innovative treatments including mindfulness practice, yoga, play, neuro feedback and other therapies that offer proven alternatives to drugs and talk therapy and a way to aide in healing.

Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life

This book by Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder and former director of the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center maps out a simple path for cultivating mindfulness in everyday life. The book includes benefits and techniques of mindfulness-based stress reduction and teaches how to implement mindfulness, living fully in the present, observing ourselves, our feeling, others and our surroundings without judging them.

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Author Eckhart Tolle offers this guide into mindfulness with simple language in a question and answer format. The book teaches to leave the analytical mind and the ego behind and how to access to the Now in the body, the silence, and the space all around us to find inner peace, find joy and be able to embrace our true self.

10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works–A True Story by Dan Harris (2014-03-11)

Author and Nightline anchor Dan Harris wrote about his journey through the worlds of spirituality, self-help and science after having a nationally televised panic attack on Good Morning America. On his search he realized that the source of his problems was his own voice in his head, the internal narrator that’s fixated on the past and the future. This book tells his story and how he discovered the benefits and art of meditation to become a calmer and happier human being.

Chakra Healing: A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Healing Techniques that Balance the Chakras

Restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit with Chakra healing for beginners.

Author, acupuncturist, energy healer and Reiki master Margarita Alcantara wrote this book that includes powerful techniques for chakra healing which helps to remove energy blockages and balances our chakras. It helps identify an aliment such as: Asthma and Allergies, Back Pain, Fatigue, Guilt, Anger, Digestive Issues, Neuropathy, Disconnection from Self and Others, Skin Issues, Headaches etc and offers an array of effective chakra healing techniques including Meditations, Visualizations, use of Crystals, Essential Oils, Yoga, Diet, Behavioral Changes, and more.


The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness (Updated and Expanded Edition)

Holistic physician and lecturer Dr. Bradley Nelson explains the inner workings of the subconscious mind and how emotional events from your past can haunt us in the form of “trapped emotions” literally inhabit our bodies and create pain, malfunction, and disease. He explains how they can have a mental and emotional toll on us, impacting how we think, the choices that we make, and the levels of success we reach. Dr. Nelson’s book provides tools to identify and release trapped emotions in our life, eliminating our “emotional baggage,” and opening our heart and body to the positive energies of the world. 

Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

This book combines insights from neuroscience with thousands of years of mindfulness practice to provide a tool to shape our mind for greater happiness, love, and wisdom. Buddha’s Brain draws on the latest research to show how to stimulate our brain for more fulfilling relationships, a deeper spiritual life, and a greater sense of confidence and worth. The book includes guided meditations and mindfulness exercises to achieve a state of calm, joy, and compassion instead of worry, sorrow, and anger.

Light on Yoga: The Bible of Modern Yoga

This guide to the philosophy and practice of Yoga provides complete descriptions and illustrations with more than 600 photographs of all the yoga poses and breathing exercises to experience the healthful benefits of Yoga which disciplines the body and mind for wellbeing of mind, body, and soul.

Ayurveda (Idiot’s Guides)

Ayurveda Expert Sahara Rose Ketabi explains the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda in a modern way and helps you discover your Ayurvedic Dosha (mind-body type) to find your ideal foods and recipes, self-care practices, yoga poses and meditation routines tailored to your personal needs. Ayurveda practice promotes wellbeing, longevity, digestive health, mental clarity and balance. This book helps to understand and use the art of Ayurveda with simple language and information on how to incorporate the practices into our daily live.

Alignment Matters: The First Five Years of Katy Says

Katy Bowman, biomechanist and author of the blog Katy Says, has been educating people about optimal alignment and natural movement for over a decade. This book contains short essays in an easy-to-follow format and lays out a user’s manual for the human body starting from the feet and working all the way up to the head. The guide includes stretches, habit modifications and spiritual insights for an aligned human body.

Pain-Free Posture Handbook: 40 Dynamic Easy Exercises to Look and Feel Your Best

Pilates Instructors and authors Lora Pavilack and Nikki Alstedter provide this guide with exercises and activities to help us develop a healthy spine and alleviate pain. The book educates on how posture affects us physically and emotionally and provides methods for improving alignment, reducing neck and back pain and finding our own natural posture. The book features easy-to-follow illustrations, posture-building techniques, and breathing exercises for practicing good posture at home, at work and on the go.

The New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand, and Move in the Modern World

Mary Bond wrote this manual on posture and help us understand the anatomical and emotional components of posture in order to heal chronic pain. She explains that healthy posture comes not from training muscles, but from a new sense we can learn to feel and shows how habitual movement patterns and emotional factors lead to unhealthy posture. The book contains exercises and ergonomics information to help correct unhealthy patterns and explains the six zones that help create postural changes: the pelvic floor, the breathing muscles, the abdomen, the hands, the feet, and the head.

Body Learning: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique, Second Edition

Author Michael J. Gelb explains the Alexander Technique, a technique developed for maintaining the health and efficiency of the body, prevent a range of disorders through a system of postural changes, and reeducating the muscular system to achieve physical and mental well-being.