Green Pea and White Bean Hummus

Sweet green peas and white beans are a great match for this flavorful and healthy hummus recipe. By adding a hint of garlic, fresh basil, spices, and lemon juice, these simple ingredients turn into a true delicacy.

This pea and bean recipe makes for guilt-free snacking as it is low in calories and bursting with healthy nutrients, all while being budget-friendly. And best of all – it is quick and easy to make in just a couple of minutes!

This healthy snack is high in protein to keep you energized while providing your body with lots of antioxidants and minerals that boost the immune system. White beans contain a whopping 19 g of protein per cup and are high in fiber, antioxidants, folate, Iron, and Magnesium, while Peas are rich in Vitamin A and C. This is a heart-healthy and oil-free recipe full of fiber with a low glycemic index which helps to keep blood sugar levels low.

To add even more Vitamin C, I recommend enjoying this hummus with a side of fresh Bell Peppers and Tomatoes which are currently in season here in Florida. Use fresh peas if available, or thaw frozen peas which are a great alternative as they are full of nutrients due to being frozen right after the harvest. Keep a couple of bags of peas in the freezer and a few cans of beans in the pantry so you have this treat ready whenever the craving hits!

Serve this hummus with whole-grain toast or crackers and cut up some of your favorite veggies to make it a snack that keeps you going for hours and hours.

Green Pea and White Bean Hummus

Servings: 2


Ingredients for Green Pea and White Bean Hummus


  1. Thaw the frozen peas and add them to the blender. 

    Drain and rinse the canned beans or cook the dried beans and add to the blender. 

    Wash the basil and fresh herbs, peel the garlic and juice the lemon, then add with all the other ingredients to the blender, add salt and pepper, and season to your liking. 

    Blend until smooth and add more water as needed, a spoonful at a time not to make it too thin. 

    Spread onto whole-grain toast, or pour the hummus into a bowl and serve with crackers and your favorite fresh veggies.


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