Crossfit Sports Massage


Are you in pain after your Power Snatch, Deadlifts, or Overhead Squats? Our crossfit massage will help to improve your performance and reduce recovery time after workouts. Crossfit is a high intensity workout and your body needs some extra care to endure over time. Building your strength, stretching, adhering to a high quality diet, and getting enough rest is not enough to keep your body going!

There’s a high injury rate in crossfit: 19.4% to 73.5% depending on which study you trust. Injuries in crossfit athletes are mostly due to the high intensity level of crossfit workouts, little recovery time between movements, and the high weight load in power lifting and Olympic lifting. Most common injuries are reported in the shoulders, lower back, and knees.

Our crossfit massage is specifically designed for the needs of a crossfit athlete with a focus on shoulders, wrists, neck, lower back, hips, and knees. The massage will help decrease muscle imbalance, inflammation, and muscle tension, which can result from training too hard and overusing certain muscles and tendons. Some crossfit athletes tend to believe that massage will make the body soft and weak? which is in fact a myth. Our professional crossfit massage is specifically targeted and will improve range of motion in your joints where needed and increase circulation in tissue, preventing injuries and enhancing rehabilitation from previously sustained injuries.

It is not by chance that professional athletes have a massage therapist on their team. And if massage therapy works for the professional athlete, it will work for you too! Our crossfit massage will help keep your tissue in good shape and should be a regular addition to your training regimen.


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