About Us

bodono Inc. is a wellness business with a passion for fitness, preventive health and plant based nutrition. With over 15 years of experience in health care, preventive medicine, nutrition and wellness, bodono is a resource for those in search of wellbeing.

Our Health and Nutrition Coaching services include individualized sessions for private clients as well as corporate businesses and include integrative and holistic nutrition, prevention and treatment of Life-Style Diseases, Illness and Injuries.

Certified in Advanced Sports Massage and Medical Massage and a member of AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association). We are experienced in working on athletes at NYC Marathons and Triathlons and specialize in sports massage, therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point massage, and corporate on-site massage. We also provide a blissful version of relaxation massage.

Our Mission

bodono’s mission is to provide a professional, therapeutic, and relaxing client experience while working with specific areas of the body to improve functionality, relieve pain, help to regenerate, and improve overall wellbeing and wellness.

Attending to people not just bodies.
Targeting the source of the pain, not just the pain itself.
Promoting overall wellness and health.
Helping you recover and heal.

About The Owner

Eliane Baggenstos, LMT, RN, owner of bodonoWelcome! My name is Eliane Baggenstos, RN, LMT and I am the owner of bodono Inc.

Health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition have all been lifelong passions of mine. I am a Registered Nurse, Certified Health Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist with additional certification in Advanced Sports Massage and Medical Massage.

I have always loved working with people, helping to overcome pain, finding relief from symptoms and improving overall health and wellbeing. I have been interested in Holistic Medicine from a young age and after working for over ten years as a Nurse in Med/Surg, Oncology and Hospice I decided to go back to school and become a Licensed Massage Therapist. This has allowed me to help people with the use of my own bare hands.

After graduating from the Swedish Institute in New York City I gained experience while working as a Massage Therapist at chiropractic offices, sports clinics, sports events (such as the NYC Marathon and Triathlons), massage house-call services, and my own private practice. I am a member of AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) and am expanding my knowledge by learning new modalities through continuing education.

Movement has always been important to me. I started out as a trained professional ballet dancer in my teens and since then have been practicing running, boot-camp workouts, TRX training as well as calisthenics and crossfit, all while maintaining a regular hiking, swimming, yoga, and meditation practice. I am also a certified Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver.

As the daughter of a chef I was taught the art of cooking and Nutrition 101 at an early age. By age six I learned how to kill and steam a lobster, how to preserve most vitamins and enzymes when stir-frying vegetables and how to make Soufflé. I grew up helping my mother with our organic vegetable and fruit garden, growing our own food, canning and baking home-made bread, which was a big influence in my future food preferences. And since I was a student of the Rudolf Steiner School aka Waldorf School, I learned about the health benefits of a plant based whole food diet and holistic and organic nutrition basics early on. You could basically say that I was a health-foodie before that term even existed.

Over the years, I have had my own struggles in regards of food and health. I had adopted some unhealthy habits and had difficulty in providing myself with adequate work-life balance and self-care. With the assistance of a therapist and re-educating myself I was able to change my habits and incorporated a personal program of fitness and holistic lifestyle practices that helped me find my way back to a plant based diet and a healthy life.

This has led me to become a Certified Health Coach and I completed the coursework in Evidence-based Health Coaching for Healthcare Providers by the National Society of Health Coaches.

Since Photography is another passion of mine, I have combined photography and food in my recipe series that is being published on farm2delish.com, a recipe collection of healthy farm to table recipes inspired by fresh, seasonal and local products from the local farmers markets.

I love traveling around the globe, interacting with people, and learning about other cultures. In 2017 I have moved out of NYC and became a full-time nomad, traveling throughout the US and beyond with my fiancee. I am continuing to provide massage therapy sessions in New York and Florida on my travels through the East Coast.

I truly enjoy life’s journey and look forward to what’s yet to come.

Thank you for visiting bodono, we look forward to meeting you!