Health And Wellness Coaching


Mind, body, heart, spirit. The key to happiness is being able to achieve balance in all aspects of our being. That’s when we experience true wellness!

bodono’s Health and Wellness Coaching Services for private clients include one-on-one coaching sessions either in person, over the phone or via online conference calls.

Our Certified Health Coach will create an individualized plan and program specific to your personal goal. Sessions include education and support in your search for wellbeing and provide you with various tools, self-care modalities and evidence based strategies.

All our sessions are tailored to your needs. We cover a wide variety of topics from stress management, work-life balance, optimizing sleep, weight loss and food cravings, lifestyle changes, boosting energy, improving mindfulness, building healthy habits, fitness, workout plans, improving physical activity etc.

We provide Nutrition Coaching that focuses on improvement of health and vitality through intake of micro-, macro- and natural phytonutrients. bodono specializes in whole food plant based integrative nutrition that aides in prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases.

We understand that nutrition is a very individual and personalized matter and that there is no “one fits for all” approach.
Our support and coaching sessions will be adjusted to your personal needs, goals and preferred diet modality.

This may include Gluten Free, Low Carb, Insulin Controlled, Diabetes Management, Paleo, Mediterranean, Raw Food, Whole Food Plant Based, Vegan and Vegetarian diets, dealing with food allergies etc. We also assist you in your weight-loss journey without the approach of restricted dieting and instead focus on implementing vibrant healthy foods and other lifestyle changes to achieve improvement in your metabolism and sustainable weight loss over time.

Our Registered Nurse and Health Coach is certified by the National Society of Health Coaches and holds a certification in Plant Based Nutrition by Cornell University and can provide support if you are fighting lifestyle-related diseases such as Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure and for clients recovering from a Stroke or Cancer treatment, Illness or Surgery.

Our information on health and wellness will help you improve your wellbeing through evidence based education to get you back in balance.

Our wellness shop includes various holistic products that help boost the immune system, increase functionality and enhance wellbeing.

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