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Going Green Boosts Corporate Wellness

It isn’t a surprise that many corporate establishments today have adopted a ‘greener’ outlook paving a more systematic path to enhance routine productivity, employee motivation, social image, and sales pitch. Many entrepreneurs believe that going green can have a number of inherent positives, right from boosting corporate wellness to promoting cost benefit strategies within the company.

The environmental messages sent across to employees and clients create an image of ecological significance. This helps multiply your network of clients, merchants, and suppliers. Corporate wellness programs centered on environmental friendly practices enable employees to work efficiently and develop a higher level of awareness. So, do you want operational cost cuttings, healthier, and more motivated employees, and an enviable social image for your business? But you ask – how?

Customer-Employee Relationships

Many customers rely better on organizations that are focused and dedicated towards advocating a change within their work environment. Customers today are aware of their roles in mitigating climate change so if your organization is a staunch follower, you can easily tap into a new market. Employees who are exposed to eco-friendly programs find it easier to communicate and correspond with clients using technology that signifies the company’s efforts in green practices.

This creates the perfect employee-to-customer eco-system, wherein the philosophy of green corporate management percolates to a deeper and more entrenched level in the business environment.


Corporate wellness programs that include eco-friendly activities allow staff members to engage and learn tentative skills that make them aware of their surroundings. A healthy workplace is essential for staff members to brainstorm, cooperate, and perform to their fullest without wasting their energy in irrelevant conversations.

It also improves upon the physical health of employees ensuring their punctuality, dedication, and motivation in certain projects. Use of air filtering technology, include organic based meals, etc. ensures a healthy workplace and happy employees.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Green practices that are part of a wellness program cut off additional costs of several amenities – a company might convert a section of the parking lot into a recreational park, organize green holidays for employees or ensure physical fitness to combat health care costs. Going paperless is an effective strategy of a green initiative that allows the company to transfer all files into a digitalized storeroom (aka desktop/cloud). This minimizes printing costs, enhances resource management, and allows employees to work diligently.

Positive Image

Going green has become a corporate responsibility that actually is a standardized qualification for any company to gain recognition. Corporate staff members belonging to such organizations are given high acclaim and credit based on their efforts. Being part of environmental friendly wellness programs develops positive media coverage especially since it awards the staff with on-call benefits especially if they’re hunting for other vocational opportunities.

Written by Benjamin Roussey for bodono.

Benjamin Roussey is from Sacramento, CA. He has two master’s degrees and served four years in the US Navy. His bachelor’s degree is from CSUS (1999) where he was on a baseball pitching scholarship. He has an MBA in Global Management from the Univ. of Phoenix (2006) where he attributes his writing prowess. He has worked everywhere from small businesses to large corporations, and also for public agencies. He has lived in Korea and Saudi Arabia where he was an ESL instructor. He misses Saudi food and living in Korea. Benjamin has a tremendous work ethic and is quite focused. Now he writes professionally for several clients that covers one sector of our economy to another. Currently he lives in the Phoenix area after living in Cabo San Lucas, MX for 3 years. He enjoys sports, movies, reading, and current events when he is not working.