Corporate On-Site Massage

We provide on-site massage therapy and stretching for your employees or management. 

Wellness in the workplace brings many benefits to companies big and small. Statistics show that a comprehensive on-site wellness program will lead to greater employee productivity, improved workforce satisfaction, increased retention rate, less absenteeism, reduced stress levels, and less work-related fatigue.

Your staff will love our on-site massage and stretch therapy services, which may include short chair massage or stretching sessions for each staff member to longer table massage sessions for specific employees or management, depending on the agreement. 

Chair massage is a fast but effective way to relieve tension “on the go”. Because chair massage is performed while fully clothed, this type of massage is ideal for massage treatments in the office environment or in public areas.

Maybe you have a business party or event planned for your staff and want to incorporate on-site massage as a wellness treat to help your employees and patrons reduce stress and increase wellbeing? 

Or perhaps you are planning a special event for your clients and want to offer on-site massage for a special promotion. Whatever the occasion may be, Bodono is here to help and will provide the equipment, supplies and therapists to make your corporate massage event a success.

In case you are interested in on-site chair massages but are not sure what is unique about a chair massage? It surely is a different experience than receiving a table massage! Instead of lying down, the client sits on a chair with knee, chest and head support. The chair massage treatment is usually 15-30 minutes in length and targets areas of high tension and stress: back, hips, shoulders, neck, scalp, arms, hands, and feet. Typically in chair massage no oil is used, though lotion may be applied for hand massages.

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Employer Benefits of On-Site Massages:

  • Increase in employee productivity
  • Decreased medical and disability costs
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Improved office culture
  • Increased employee morale
  • Reduced turnover
  • A competitive edge in hiring
  • Possible tax deduction

Employee Benefits of On-Site Massages:

  • Decreased stress level
  • Fewer stress- and ergonomics-related injuries
  • Improvement in immune system response
  • Reduced muscle pain
  • Reduced headaches
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Improved overall physical and emotional well-being