So you bought yourself a bike and now you are an ardent cyclist. You feel better physically and mentally. You are in better shape and your endurance has increased substantially. You feel stronger, have begun to save on gas money and you have even begun to sleep better.

To begin with, congratulations on your new lifestyle. Not only are you improving your own health, but are also going to make a positive difference to the environment. We need more people like you!

If you’ve been at it for a while, you soon realize that your routine ride to and from work is just not cutting it anymore, you’ve hit a plateau. Don’t worry! We’re going to point you in the right direction so you feel challenged again.

While cycling is a great compound exercise that works multiple muscles, it is still not exactly a full body workout. Yes! Your core, abs, obliques, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and hip flexors (not to mention your heart muscles) all become stronger as a result of regular cycling, but other muscles in your back, arms, chest and shoulders, which are very important for functional strength and overall fitness, are underutilized while cycling.

Therefore, it would be a stellar idea to incorporate some strength training (at least a couple of days of the week) in the weight room to maximize your results and keep you looking like a lean, mean fighting machine! Here are some compound exercises that should not be overlooked at any cost.

Additionally, please ensure to properly stretch and warm-up before performing these exercises. Going right into heavy lifts with a cold, un-stretched body is a terrible idea and puts you at a real risk of sustaining disabling injuries. Make sure to stretch your whole body and emphasize your legs, back, pecs, and even the neck muscles.

June 30th  2015, written by Benjamin Roussey for bodono.

Benjamin Roussey is from Sacramento, CA. He has two master’s degrees and served four years in the US Navy. His bachelor’s degree is from CSUS (1999) where he was on a baseball pitching scholarship. He has an MBA in Global Management from the Univ. of Phoenix (2006) where he attributes his writing prowess. He has worked everywhere from small businesses to large corporations, and also for public agencies. He has lived in Korea and Saudi Arabia where he was an ESL instructor. He misses Saudi food and living in Korea. Benjamin has a tremendous work ethic and is quite focused. Now he writes professionally for several clients that covers one sector of our economy to another. Currently he lives in the Phoenix area after living in Cabo San Lucas, MX for 3 years. He enjoys sports, movies, reading, and current events when he is not working online: