Correcting Muscle Imbalance And Preventing Injuries In Dancers And Floor Gymnasts

6 Home-Based Exercises Dancers And Floor Gymnasts Can Perform To Correct Muscle Imbalance And Prevent Injuries Floor gymnasts and dancers often overwork lower body muscles such as the quadriceps, gastrocnemius (larger calf muscle in back of leg) and hip flexors … Read More

Walking Meditation

Looking Inward: The Infinite Value Of A Regular Meditation Practice

One conscious breath in and out is a meditation. – Eckhart Tolle.  This past month in NYC, Geshe Michael Roach offered a talk about the benefits of meditation and ways to develop insight about one’s self through practice. Geshe Michael … Read More


New Trends In Exercising

Health and fitness are the priorities for most of you out there. There are many who do not have access to health services, and many who do, but are not fit. Fitness is an important part of living as only … Read More


Benefits Of Sports Massage For Yogis, Dancers And Gymnasts

There’s no refuting that yogis, dancers and gymnasts push their bodies to great lengths in order to achieve optimal fitness and overall wellbeing. This, however, can leave their weary physiques searching for a measure of relief. If you’re looking for … Read More


5 Best Resistant Exercises For Yogis, Dancers and Gymnasts

There’s no doubt that yogis, dancers and gymnasts are in great shape, displaying various of degrees of awesome flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and lower body strength. But when it comes to upper body strength, they may be lacking in this area, especially … Read More

Winter Fitness

Best Workouts For The Winter Season

Winter is a time where getting out of bed is difficult, mostly because there’s no sunlight when you wake up in the morning, and most people would scoff at the very thought of exercise. But given the nature of the … Read More