Calm And Clear: Mindfulness Practice And Mental Wellness

“The stormy life can be braved only by the Heart’s sunny meditations.” -Sri Chimnoy. As we find ourselves situated in the depths of Winter, many people will be looking for ways to cope with the short days and long nights, the inclement … Read More


A New Resolution for the New Year—Let’s be Happy

The title probably reads absurd. Let’s be happy? No thanks; we don’t need any more of that pseudotherapy-cum-spiritualism rubbish. Before you dismiss the proposition entirely, just sit and reflect for a while. Chances are, in the hectic rush of your … Read More

crossfit sports massage

Benefits Of Sports Massage For CrossFit Athletes

For the CrossFit athlete, in which the participant is pushing the body to limits in workouts and competition like never before, just about every muscle (especially the large muscle groups) in the body is called into play. Therefore, a sports … Read More

fitness motivation

Fitness And How To Keep Motivated

Fitness Regimen Losing its Charm – Here’s How You can Salvage the Thrill Even though humans are creatures of habit, there are certain activities that one might easily find to be a tiresome drag. Fitness regimens are on the top … Read More

Winter Wellness

5 Self Care Tips During The Cold Season

With the winter knocking at your doors, it’s time to think about your personal wellness and preparedness to stay healthy during the winter. Although winter is a time when you probably feel like staying in and generally not doing much … Read More