Meditation: A World Of Discovery

“The main cause of my happiness, the main cause of my suffering, is in my mind.” -Venerable Robina Courtin One of the great things about exploring meditation practice is that there is not one single path or accepted technique to follow. There are … Read More

crosscountry runner

How To Prevent Muscle Imbalance For Runners

Useful Exercises to Help Distance Runners Deal with Muscles Imbalances There’s no denying that distance running is one of the most readily available, and best, cardiovascular exercises you can perform. Plus, a great way to build up leg muscles such … Read More


How To Keep Your Liver Healthy

October is Liver Awareness Month! The liver plays a major role in eliminating toxins out of the blood, keeping the electrolyte levels under control, and also serves as a store house for the sugar glucose. Though mostly unappreciated, the liver … Read More

sports massage for runners

Benefits Of Sports Massage For Runners

Pounding the unforgiven pavement and other challenging terrains often burdens the legs, hips, feet and lower back muscles for endurance runners, requiring a measure of relief in order to keep the body fresh and limit the likelihood of injuries. Aside from … Read More

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From Couch Potato To Fitness Nerd

Laziness and inactivity are some of the most difficult habits to break. A long-term position as a full-time couch potato is a big commitment, and one that we all seem to fall into at one time or another. This can … Read More


How To Keep Your Lungs Healthy

Healthy Lung Month – How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy While most people understand the importance of keeping their bodies clean on the outside, few pay attention to internal cleanliness. This is especially true when it comes to the lungs, … Read More


Peculiar Sports Injuries In The Fall Season

Peculiar Sports Injuries in the Fall Season – and How to Avoid Them Fall is the period of transition in seasons that also leads to a number of sports injuries. From a change of pace to change of surface, there … Read More


Mental Wellness

Simple Ways to Ensure Mental Wellness and to Keep it in Shape Mental health can be loosely defined as a state of mental wellbeing where you are able to recognize and utilize your own abilities, to work and function productively … Read More