Preventing Muscle Imbalance In Cyclists

How To Prevent Muscle Imbalance For Cyclists

Dealing with Muscle Imbalance for Cyclists Humans aren’t built with perfect symmetry, so it’s no wonder that you may develop muscular imbalances in your legs when performing a repetitive motion such as cycling. For instance, cyclists overdevelop their quadriceps while … Read More

Meditation And Compassion

Meditation And The Refuge Of Compassion

“One of the basic points is kindness. With kindness, with love and compassion, with this feeling that is the essence of brotherhood, sisterhood, one will have inner peace. This compassionate feeling is the basis of inner peace.” – The Dalai Lama. As we … Read More

Heart Health

How To Keep Your Heart Healthy

World Heart Day is coming up on the 29th of September. And what better way to celebrate it than by doing a little more to keep our tickers in shape? By maintaining (or making) a few simple changes to your … Read More


Benefits Of Sports Massage For Cyclists

Long distance cycling is a great overall workout, especially for your legs. Take a look at any avid long distance rider’s massive quadriceps, and you’ll know what I am talking about. Moreover, the longer and harder you ride, the more … Read More

Chile Peppers

The Amazing Benefits Of Chile Peppers

Chile Peppers are loved over the world and for good reason. Let’s talk a little bit about why Chile peppers are so amazing, and why they deserve to be celebrated. Chile peppers are available throughout the year, adding that extra … Read More


Hiking And Fitness

If you’re a fitness freak, into hiking, want to know what hiking is all about, or all three, there’s just no better time than the fall season! Hiking is a golden way to unleash one’s inner spirit, and is a … Read More


Best Exercises For Cyclists

7 Exercises to Help Cyclists Perform Better When it comes to long distance cycling, just hopping on your bike and riding countless miles won’t be enough to give you a distinct advantage. That’s where cross training with weights and other … Read More

bodono Fitness and Workout

How to Build Endurance

So you’re looking to lose weight, get back in shape, or have just decided to do what it takes to help out your body. Either way, you’re going to have to start somewhere. And nothing works better than building up … Read More


The Myth Of Cholesterol

So, September is Cholesterol Education Month, the perfect time for you to learn more about cholesterol. And If you’re worried about cholesterol but don’t even know what it really is, this is for you. First of all, cholesterol is an … Read More

Couch Potato

Fitness For Couch Potatoes

You don’t have to be psychic to realize that couch potatoes forecast a somewhat depressing future. If you spend a lot of time lazing around in front of the television then you’re probably reasonably unfit, and you may find that … Read More