How To Prevent Muscle Imbalance In Tennis

How To Prevent Muscle Imbalance In Tennis

Tennis can be an unpredictable game at times, never really knowing where your opponent will have you running next to chase down the ball. But for the most part, it is defined by its repetitive nature. Whether you’re hitting hundreds … Read More


Sweet Home: The Anchor Of The Breath In Meditation And Wellness

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” ― Amit Ray. As the Summer season begins to wind down, there is sometimes a gentle quality of sadness in the air. We begin to … Read More

Sports Massage For Tennis

Benefits Of Sports Massage For Tennis Players

As you already know, tennis is an individual sport, with success riding on one person only: You. So, you’ll have to go all out in order to win. That will require a good measure of running, and plenty of swinging, … Read More

Best Stretches For Tennis

Best Flexibility Exercises For Tennis Players

Six Flexibility Exercises to Help Improve Your Tennis Game Sure, cardio, speed, quickness and power are all important attributes for a tennis player, but let’s not discount the importance of flexibility. An effective stretching program will have you reaching the … Read More

Weight Lifter

Massage For Weight Lifters

No, this is not an oxymoron! Massage works for every human being, weightlifters included. In various body-building circles, rumors have begun to circulate that massage could negatively impact your workout by making the muscles weak and soft. Not only is … Read More


The Effectiveness Of Stretching

Just a while back, TIME magazine had a lot to say about why stretching might not be the most effective thing when it comes to warming up before a training session. This debate has largely gathered momentum in the spate … Read More


The Starbucks Addiction

Why is it so hard to resist from drinking your daily dose of sugar? If you wonder why you can’t have just one sip of a McCafe Caramel Mocha, Iced Latte from Dunkin’ Donuts or a Choc chino from Starbucks, … Read More

Exhausted Weight Lifter

We Are Our Worst Fitness Enemies

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution to go to the gym, and get rid of the excess weight you’re carrying around? Have you looked at Hugh Jackman or Sylvester Stallone, and promptly decided to get up off the … Read More

Best Exercises For Tennis

Best Exercises For Tennis Players

There’s no denying that the game of tennis places great demands on your body. From the serve to running at full speed, to suddenly stopping in your tracks, your body calls upon a number of different muscles at any given … Read More

Skin Care

Holistic Skin Care

Holistic Skin Care – Taking Care of Your Skin without Chemicals Do you have a cabinet full of creams, lotions, and potions that promise to make you look the best that you can ever be? Unfortunately, all these cosmetic companies … Read More