Meditation & Relationship

Discovering Relationships In Meditation

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” -Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) As we round the bend of the peak of the Summer Arc, there are abundant reminders of the capacity for … Read More

Golf Swing

How To Prevent Muscle Imbalance In Golf

Add Muscle Balance and Pain Relief to Your Golf Game through Three-Pronged Approach: It’s no great revelation that the better shape you’re in, not only can you perform better on the links, but you’re less likely to get injured. However, it’s … Read More

Goals and Motivation

Goals And Motivation

What keeps us from working out on a regular basis and adhering to our goal and fitness regimen? Breathing, eating, or sleeping may be integral parts of our lives, but these are necessities without which our bodies would completely collapse. … Read More


Health Is Wealth

If you are in the corporate sector, then you probably already know about corporate wellness. If you don’t, hooray for you, you’re not part of the soul crushing corporate life that can add 10 years to your mental and physical … Read More

Massage For Golfers

Benefits of Sports Massage for Golfers

After a long day of hitting the links, your body will no doubt feel the effects of repetitive, strenuous swings, and walking around on your feet for a long stretch of time. Over a period of time, the golfer’s swing, … Read More


Swim As The Fishes Do

Welcome July! You know what time it is. The long days of sunshine, warmth, and the ocean are all hopefully part of your summer experience, and not just your Maui computer backdrop floating in front of your face, taunting you … Read More


Flexibility Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game

In order to generate a powerful, controlled golf swing, not only do you need strong muscles (core, forearms, hamstrings, quadriceps, hips, back and shoulders), but they need to be flexible as well. A golf swing with a full range of … Read More


Best 5 Workouts while Traveling

Exercise is a crucial aspect of being in perfect physical and mental health. And let’s face it: the older we grow, the less easy it becomes to keep the fat away – one day’s slip up can cost us in … Read More


Music For Wellness

Music. It’s the central pride and joy of most cultures. It puts you to sleep and wakes you up. It’s the sound of success, failure, impending danger and jubilation in movies. It’s the soundtrack of your life from the music … Read More


Best Exercises to Help Golfers Improve Game

When it comes to generating a powerful golf swing, some may think it’s your arms that are mostly responsible for driving the ball. To the contrary, it’s your core muscles that need to be strong and flexible in order to … Read More