Clear As Water

World Water Day is not the only day of the year to bring awareness to the issue of clean water! In today’s political climate it is getting more and more important to ensure that we still have water to drink! This … Read More


Meditation And The Journey Of Life

During a recent lively conversation with a close friend regarding spiritual seeking and well being, we started discussing the inspiring work of Paulo Coehlo, the author of The Alchemist and several other important books. My dear friend drew my attention … Read More

Openhearted Listening

The Gift Of Openhearted Listening

We all have a self-care gift to give. It is a gift for both giver and receiver. The gift is to listen…open heartedly. It is that simple! The gift of generous openhearted listening supports effective relationships and cultivates a compassionate … Read More

Sleepy Feet

Go To Sleep!

It’s all Edison’s fault! I mean, have you ever read about people complaining of insomnia before the light bulb was introduced? Now add work, stress, overstimulation, coffee, computer screens, and small children on top of electricity and the result is … Read More