Myofascial Release & Rolfing® SI

Many clients considering bodywork for any variety of reasons want to know the difference between Myofascial Release and Rolfing Structural Integration. There are a few similarities but simply put, Rolfing is holistic in that the practitioner will focus on the … Read More

Massage For The Heart

Massage For The Heart

The heart. Our dear, dear heart! The deepest center of our core, literally and physically speaking. In honor of the heart, let’s take a look at what massage therapy can do for one of our most important organs. The heart is … Read More

Winter Fitness

Keeping Fit In The Cold

Jack Frost; Everybody’s Personal Trainer. When it’s cold outside, perhaps nothing sounds better than skipping the gym, making yourself a hot cup of cocoa, and curling up with your favorite book, magazine, or TV show. But if you can manage … Read More


Ice, Ice, Everywhere, but Not a Skating Rink

By now we are all probably sick of snow, slush, more snow, and the inevitable ice. But what’s that old saying, something about lemons and making lemonade? Why not take advantage of the cold weather and have some good, old-fashioned … Read More