Hitting The Slopes

Hitting The Slopes?

With Juno in our rearview mirror, and snow all around us, our thoughts may begin to turn to the slopes. And just in time, too—the World Skiing Championships are right around the corner. I’m here to tell you that skiing … Read More

Too Much Snow Shoveling

Too Much Snow Shoveling?

Are you one of the unlucky ones who had to do the shoveling? We feel for you! It’s definitely very strenuous work. No wonder It carries with it a high risk of injury. Reports say that being hit with the … Read More

How Tough Are You

How Tough Are You?

If plummeting through a ring of fire, taking ice-water baths, crawling through mud, climbing up slippery walls, and being electro-shocked all while running 10-12 miles sounds appealing to you, then you might want to consider participating in the Tough Mudder … Read More

Fitness Outside The Box

Fitness Outside The Box

Fitness. We all want it, but what exactly does it mean to be “fit”?  While there is no definitive answer to this, there are some benchmarks. Can you run a mile in under 10 minutes? Can you stand up from … Read More

5 Steps To Wellness 2015

5 Steps To Wellness

We hear the term “wellness” with increasing frequency these days, but what do people actually mean when they use it? Wellness is a sort of umbrella word, used to describe practices and/or lifestyles that contribute to the overall health of … Read More


How To Keep Resolutions

What holds us back from achieving our resolutions and reaching our goals? Excuses, excuses, excuses, or what else…? We know the scenario all too well: We want to exercise more, slim down, eat better, sleep more, work less, be healthier, improve … Read More