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At bodono your body is number one!

Have you ever paid for a massage and asked the therapist to work on the pain in your neck, but during the session the problem was hardly addressed and afterwards the pain was still there? That’s where bodono is different.

bodono’s owner Eliane Baggenstos is a licensed massage therapist, certified in Advanced Sports Massage and Medical Massage, member of ABMP (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals) and AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association). Eliane is also a registered nurse and has over 15 years of health care experience and extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and kinesiology.

At bodono your massage will be tailored to your specific needs using a variety of advanced techniques to improve functionality, reduce pain, and ensure that you will leave the session with a smile.

bodono has experience working on athletes at NYC Marathons and at various Triathlons and specializes in advanced sports massage, therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point massage, and corporate on-site massage. bodono also provides a blissful version of a relaxation massage.

bodono’s mission:
Attending to people; not just bodies.
Targeting the source of the pain; not just the pain itself.
Promoting overall wellness and health.
Helping you recover and heal.


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Benefits Of Massage

Massage helps regulate the various systems of the body and can bring stress-related dysfunctions back in balance. Massage is not just a way to help us relax and rejuvenate, but is also a therapeutic treatment for diseases and injuries and plays a powerful part in preventative medicine. Massage therapy is most beneficial when engaged on a regular basis.

Certain massage techniques can help eliminate waste products from tissues, release endorphines, improve lymph edema and stimulate lymph flow, loosen adhesions of tissues, and help your body heal from injuries.

Effects of massage include:

  • Improved circulation
  • Improved endurance
  • Greater joint flexibility and range of motion which decreases risk of injury
  • Decreased pain of various origins
  • Decreased soreness and muscle ache
  • Decreased muscle cramping and spasms
  • Decreased post-workout recovery time
  • Decreased post injury and post surgery adhesions, scar tissue and swelling
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Increased emotional well being, energy and better sleep quality

Sports Massage, Athletic Massage NYC Sports Massage

Therapeutic Massage NYC Therapeutic Massage

Relaxation, Swedish Massage NYC Relaxation Massage

On-Site and Corporate Massage NYC On-Site Massage

Gym, Calisthenics and Weight Lifters Sports Massage NYC Gym Massage

Crossfit and Olympic Weight Lifters Sports Massage NYC Crossfit Massage

Runners, Sprinters, Joggers Sports Massage NYC Runners Massage

Race, Off-Road, Road Cyclists Sports Massage NYC Cyclists Massage

Tennis, Squash Sports Massage NYC Tennis Massage

Golfers Sports Massage NYC Golfers Massage

Soccer Sports Massage NYC Soccer Massage

Dancers, Gymnasts, Yogi Sports Massage NYC Dancers Massage

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